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Sliding Door Repair Services Manotick ON

At 24hr Locksmith Manotick Ontario we can make a difference when it comes to your sliding doors. We can have them running smoothly before or after the warm weather starts. Sliding and patio doors tend to get neglected during the colder months because they are hardly in use.

You HAVE to make sure the your door is in perfect condition, from the locking mechanism to the rollers and tracks. It is important because a sliding door that has loose parts is most likely easy target for burglars who can open it from the outside even when it's locked.

  • Break-In Repair Services
  • Rollers, Tracks, Locks, Handles
  • Screens & Storm Doors
  • Installing Additional Locks

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Residential & Commercial Patio Door Repairs

Proper maintenance is a must when using glass patio doors. We have door that can be used in the most comfortable environment throughout the year. Looking after your doors can help you reduce your energy costs. Most residential owners tend to ignore patio doors when it comes to safety and these doors are the most visible and the easiest to get in. We provide a same day patio door repair service, as we know you want a peace of mind for your family.

Screen Replacement

Making sure there is a proper mesh and screen is aligned property and the quality is heavy duty. Our doors come in vinyl and aluminum, on all different sizes depending on door opening. A standard screen door size is 5ft, 6ft widths and 6-9" in height. We can install exterior screen doors on front doors as well.

Do you have pets? A dog or a cat? We can provide you with a "pet screen" which is thicker and more durable.

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Broken Rollers or Rails? We Can Replace Them For You!

We can also repair rollers and tracks. Rollers usually have to be changed and can't be repaired. You will have to change both of them, even if just one is damaged. When your sliding door is leaking we will have to arrive on a "dry and hot" day, and seal it for you.

If the damage goes beyond our certified specialist will show your the options for a new sliding patio doors. Glass doors are the most used in a home balcony. This is why these doors see a lot of wear and tear on the locks and handles.

At 24hr Locksmith Manotick Ontario, we offer same day on the spot repair and for emergencies our trained technicians work around the clock 24/7. Measuring screen properly is important because it needs to aligned with track 100% of else your will have sliding door opening issues.

We have professional residential and commercial door installers in Manotick. Best prices and best service call us today: (613) 518-4038

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